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Tony Fowler

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Re: 65lb Tufline on a Dog Fight
March 20, 2010, 06:01:44 PM
Gday Jarrad

I'd say you'll get between 300-350m of 65lb Tufline on a dogfight spool. I use to get about 250m of 80lb Tufline on my Dogfights. However i have changed to Jerry Brown solid spectra and get the following on the spools. JB 80lb=300m, JB 100lb=270m, JB 130lb=170m.

I find JB thinner and easier to cast then the equivalent tufline classes, with the same knot strength and around the same price. I'd almost say i find JB as good as varivas at a quarter the price. But this is only my opinion from using both lines.

Regards Tony

Josh Morrison

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Re: 65lb Tufline on a Dog Fight
March 26, 2010, 02:13:13 PM
I have PE6 (80lb) Saltiga Boat Braid on my Saltiga Expedition and it holds bang on 400m with no backing, just taped in place to stop slippage on the spool.