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Hi all, here's the latest from Odyssey, reporting about the fishing yesterday 12 April 2010:

Damon Report:- Fishing has been great today. Weather was flat calm, actually it was oily mirror calm, and lots of fish biting. We must have caught over
35 fish for the day, with 10-11 GTs, lots of bludger trevally in the 2-4kg size. We caught some very nice 15kg Spanish mackerel casting minnows around the edge of the reef, and tested out the 145 magic swimmer fast sinking lure. We found if you cast it into a school of bait and just flip the bail arm over and let it sink, it gets eaten on the drop. Very impressed with that lure, and also the flat shadd 96 fast sink which has been deadly on coral trout and sweetlip around the edge of the reef. Got lots of shark mackerel and longtail tuna. There are heaps of 8-10kg longtail tuna around at the moment. We also caught a 25kg GT on a 110 magic swimmer on the 40lb rods. The new lighter 40lb rods are simply awesome.. sooo nice to use.

Tim report: Flat calm day with barely a ripple on the water so seeing the bait packed up on the edge of the reef was an easy task.
I had the Micah Adams and his film crew out with me so we were after species today and we succeeded in doing just that.
Spanish Mackerel in the 15kg range on stick baits, gts on the edge of the bait balls and on the walls but I think the most fun was had chasing the long tail tuna which were in abundance.
All the while in between the bigger fish we were knocking off bludger trevally and gold spot trevally as well as the ever present rainbow runners.
All the smaller fish were caught on the new light tackle rods which provided just awesome fun.
We finished the day off with a soft plastic session where we caught a
variety of reef fish and then headed home for the cold beers!   

Glanville Report:- To describe todays fishing in just a few words could be quite a challenging task, we simply could not have ask for any better conditions, the ocean seemed to be teeming with life and with not a breath of wind you could actually here the splashes as bait fish were getting demolished from the surface and what sounded like rain as shoals of bait were continuously getting showered by predators, my guys today were in search of Gts and we managed to tame 13. the amount of Gts and various other species that were swimming under the boat made it seem that we were fishing in an aquarium most of the day, the awesome variety of fish that was around was probably the bonus today and even targeting only gts we managed to catch a pile of other fish in between, in all an awesome day on the water made only better by the mirror calm seas.

Chris Report:- Fishing was awesome and we saw a variety of fish while the weather was just fantastic with barely a puff of wind all day.
Fishing the schools of Fusiliers we came across a few packs of Gts and managed to pull a couple out before moving further south to chase a variety of fish.
We got a good cross section of Spanish and Shark Mackerel, Long Toms, Red Throat Emperor, Bludger Trevallies, Gold Spot Trevallies, Queenfish, Rainbow Runners, Coral Trout and a couple of Blue Moari Cod.
On the way home we encountered a few schools of Long Tail Tuna and had a brief but good session with them.
Overall we had a great day with good mixed bag accounted for.