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Bugatti Reef guides report 17 April 2010
April 19, 2010, 11:07:49 AM
Damon Report:- Wind was blowing again today, but we had 3 hardcore GT anglers ready for action. We managed to land 4 GTs for the day, but lost a lot of fish. We hooked 2 GTs that would have been in the 40-50kg range and both were lost. We landed a few mackerel, longtail tuna and goldspot trevally, and had some crazy bludger trevally action in the shallows on light gear. The bludger trevally were all around 4kgs and were great fun.

Nick Report:- With the wind against us again today most of my time was spent inside blue holes. I tried venturing outside a couple of times but the weather had beaten us to many of the spots on the outside. So we skipped from hole to hole casting lighter stuff in between, we managed to land two GTs, Coral Trout, Shark Mackeral and a whole family of long toms. I think the blue holes were the place to be today making for a nice relaxing day of fishing on the reef.

Chris Report:- Well, the plan I had intended was to fish the north corner on one of the reefs for the run out tide. But the wind that we have had lately made it very difficult in a dory to fish. Tried our best at the GTs but was pretty slow in that department. I focused on getting out of the wind and getting the boys into some very nice fish. I was fishing a place called the maze, fishing blue holes and small streams that the current was pushing bait into. Pulling out some very nice mackerel, long toms, bludger and gold spot travalley, and plenty of queenies. It made for quite a fun late morning and afternoon session on the light gear. I didn't really want the boys out in the wind getting bashed around. We had a few schools of fusiliers rounded up on some points but no luck. All in all it turned out to be quite a good day considering the conditions.

Glanville report:-We tried very hard today to get the beast GT and weren't really after numbers, we managed to only get 2 Gts to the boat and a really big Spanish Mackerel of 20kg. During the slack of the tide a fraction before it started running out we were fishing in some blue holes to try and get out of the weather - it is my favourite area to target the big fish, we tried a few blue holes until we found what we were looking for, we had a GT of at least 50-60kg chase a lure right up to the side of the boat so we got a very clear look at him and it was no doubt the biggest fish I have seen this year and up there with the biggest fish I have seen in my life.
Another thing I noticed today is that there are still a heap of fish in the area but they have just got a mild case of lock jaw. We had at least 2 occasions today whenwe hooked up to  long tom and mackerel and this obviously excited the Gts and the whole pack started chasing the hooked up fish in an effort to steal the lure out of its mouth, so I am really looking forward to a good change in weather so the GTs get their hunger back again and start eating the lures not just head butting them.