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Fisherman Rods Arrival!!
June 10, 2010, 10:32:49 AM
Dear Customers and Friends,
We just received a limited batch of Fisherman Rods!
Check them out in our website!

Fisherman GT Game TRSHhttp://www.saltywatertackle.com/product_info.php?proID=2305
Fisherman Monster CC 72 GT R10http://www.saltywatertackle.com/product_info.php?proID=2310
Fisherman GT Game TRShttp://www.saltywatertackle.com/product_info.php?proID=2314
Fisherman Spinoza Short 5121http://www.saltywatertackle.com/product_info.php?proID=2320
Fisherman Spinoza Short 5122http://www.saltywatertackle.com/product_info.php?proID=2317
Fisherman Pascal Short 5120http://www.saltywatertackle.com/product_info.php?proID=2325
Fisherman Pascal Short 5121http://www.saltywatertackle.com/product_info.php?proID=2323

Tight Lines,
Saltywater Tackle.