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George Trinkler

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Our most recent charter included a bunch of mad keen Aussies intent on catching just about everything with fins and they certainly caught a wide variety of fish including some beautiful dogtooth tuna.

This charter caught 20 dogtooth  in 2 days that we spent on a remote seamount on the edge of Lau waters, the doggies were mainly under 20kg but as you can see a few big fish were present also and plenty of jigs were busted off trying to stop the buggers getting to the bottom in 40 to 80m of water.

Gau Island was as consistent as ever for GT fishing.

50kg wahoo caught on the troll

Missed hook up


I am back in the office for a couple of weeks while the Golden Eagle undergoes maintenance and survey, anyone interested in organising a trip can call me on 0418831004 or email [email protected]
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Nathan Cefai

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that Doggie is a horse George...

Sami Ghandour

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Very nice report!
congratulation to all involved for the release of the doggie :)