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New Knot in Development #2
March 17, 2007, 04:11:41 PM
New Knot in Development #2

I have almost given up on the first knot as i am experiencing difficulty getting it to bite in larger B/S i.e. 130lb+, i think this is mainly due to the diamter but i may still continue to rectify the problem.

I started playing with a new knot which involves some midknot like steps but is still a different. It is much easier and quicker to tie and so far, i have been unable to break the braid at the knot. Most time when i break the braid on a Midknot, it is almost always a very short distance from where the knot finishes near the mainline.

Today, i was only able to break the braid well and truely away from the knot which seems to be a combination of the contiunual shock load put on the line plus some abrasion/wear from the tool i was using to pull and apply shock to the knot. So far the knot itself has been like an anchor. I still believe the ending can be improved but i am yet undecided because the current ending seems to continually tighten the knot under tension....need to play with it more to confirm this theory though.

Here are some quick pics.... blue is 80lb and yellow is 130lb.