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Sam Colvin

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Pe4 OH Jigging Rod
October 28, 2010, 08:00:33 PM
Hey Guys,

After a new rod for my SOM L50.

Running PE4 (maybe heavier). Want to jig 200-300g.

The shorter the better, no longer than 5'6". Parabolic Action.

Like the AMJ52H or the WGJ52SLH, but just seeing what else is out there?

Budget up to $600


Jamie Moir

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Re: Pe4 OH Jigging Rod
October 28, 2010, 10:02:28 PM
I have a Golden Mean Earthshaker and its good for cheap seats.

If you want something more pimp, then how about the expensive big brother over @ Evergreen? Their PHPJ410 is only rated to PE3, but people fish the PSP410 to 80lb, despite it being a PE4 rod, so surely you can squeeze an extra few pounds out the OH model?

Another option might be the Synits, they look really nice and I'm thinking of getting a heavier one for sambo season myself.

Its going to be really tough getting those big jig ratings on a PE4 rod, the earthshaker done up to about 300g, its not happy with them, but as long as they're reasonably point, it can take it.

Edit: ahh I see that smith you're considering is PE3-5, fair enough.
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