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Diamond Islets 10 Dec 2010
December 13, 2010, 08:48:11 AM
Glanville;-after some slow fishing at the previous anchorage the decision was made to follow the current and move to the western side of the atoll, after a run to the western island we started our assault and first drift we had 2 rods bent solidly with line going from the reel, we managed to get a decent GT of around 25kg up for a few happy snaps, the next drift was even more carnage and again resulted in double bending and another 2 Gts were brought up for pics, in just a half and hour of GT mayhem on the jigs we managed to boat 5 solid specimens along with a bunch of other fish including jobfish redbass trout and bluefin trevally before we decided to go on. We boated our first specimen of around 20kg and that's when the carnage started we had a hot little session where we only managed to boat around a half a dozen but the rest of the time I was getting good practise out of tying FG knots after we had been completely done in the reef. I have to mention that the tackle we are fishing with is locked up to the max and these fish are just unstoppable, we boated a fish the other day that would have been around the 60kg mark and we stopped that fish with ease so I would love to know how big some of these creatures actually are.

Saltaire:- well today started off a little slow the plan was to focus on jigging for most part of the day to try our luck on the elusive big dogtooth tuna. We were working edges that had great showings of baitfish and predators. The first few jigs were a little slow but as the day went on the fishing got hotter and hotter and the baitfish congregations were getting bigger. We had a hot bite in the afternoon were it went mayhem. For the day we pulled out about 12 doggies most were around the 10kg mark and a few just over the 20kg mark. We lost a hec more to bust off and to sharks. A few we just couldn't stop. I'd have to imagine that some of these fish would have to be over the 70 to 80kg mark. Just unstoppable fish even with the best tackle. I'm sure the fishing will improve a lot more as the week goes on.

Alex:- Today was great. We started off with a bit of a run to the south. We deployed some minnows and the first fish turned out to be a nice sailfish that put on a nice show and after a few quick pictures was released healthy, wealthy and wise. After that nice start the action slowed and we hit a bt of a slowwwwww patch for a couple of hours but then the bomb dropped and the action was fast and furious. We had a nice session on one patch of reef and got about 8 doggies from 10-20kg. We jigged the area for some good action but the sharks were troublesome. We came back to within a couple of miles of the mothership and had some great action. The first troll over the area we got smashed and to Peter screaming 'give it to her bernie' we bumped the drag up, throttles down and tried to drag it away from the shallow bommies but after peeling bulk line off, the hooks pulled. After this we got another nice doggie of about 30kgs then dropped some bombs on the area. Our guys were a bit tired by this stage so it was a rare chance for Peter and I to have a bit of a play ourselves. I got absolutely toasted by a huge fish that never looked like slowing down under a locked drag and at the same time I saw another rod bending over the gunnels with a screaming drag, unfortunately we missed both fish. The jigging action continued with heaps of hits missed fish and sharkings.
To top things off we dropped a jig off the back of the mothership and got another hound. I have no idea how many fish we hooked today but I think we boated 10-12 doggies and about 3 unstoppable things that won the day.