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Bugatti Reef Lagoon Explorer 17 May 2011
May 18, 2011, 04:05:44 PM
Peter:  There's not much I can say about today except fishing and conditions were very tough. We went fishing for GTs all day today and saw around 10 with only 2 solid hook ups that unfortunately didn't make it to the boat. Light tackle today would have been very productive with tuna and bludgers busting on the shallows as far as the eye could see but my guys weren't interested in light tackle today. The only thing to do after a day like today is keep our chins up and slay the GTs tomorrow!!!

Clint: Savage today that's all I can say. Conditions were tough with strong winds and tides, the only refuge for the most part was in blue holes. We managed to raise some fish but they didn't want to play. On the sounder a lot of the bait seemed to be holding deep so I would like to use deeper stuff tomorrow if the guys are keen. But like most of us we persisted on the poppers as it is the most exciting way to catch GTs. See what tomorrow holds in the devils crack. 

Alex- well today I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, just like a ring tailed possum. Unfortunately the fishing was slow today. After fishing some awesome looking blue holes, absolutely text book blue holes, it turned out the fishing was like a sloth, very slow. I was driving around standing on my seat, my head swivelling around like a giraffe, we found a little patch of bait only to have a nice fish come up and promptly bust us off. We then had to come back for the plane and while waiting we landed 4 red emperor on plastics off the back of Odyssey 3 of which we shall indulge in for dinner this evening. One highlight was when a lightly weighted plastic drifted out the back of Odyssey was hit by a hippo of a green jobfish, this thing was Diamond Islets standards, easily 10kg and a good way for the guys to end the trip.
Anyway tomorrow is another day, let's hope the GTs are not being as difficult like a child in a supermarket.