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Josh Morrison

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Hi all,

Just hoping to get some info from some of you guys who have have caught a few doggies on jigs.

Do you guys prefer to run trebles off the tail or assists?

If running trebles what size are you using?

If running assist hook rigs are you using kevlar, zylon or wire? also how long are you making your assists?

What is your typical leader weight and have you noticed much of an effect on number of bites if uing heavier leaders than normal?

I have a trip lined up and just wanting to get a bit of a heads up.

Will be using Seven Seas Hooker 1 220gm, Hooker 1 Speed Darter 220gm and Hooker 7 Anatahan 250gm and Patriot Design Cyber Edge 240gm jigs in various colours for the job. Any other jigs you would recommend?

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Philips Mardianto

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Hi Josh,

When aiming doggies on jigs I use one assist hook. I use both kevlar or zylon (most of the time zylon).
The length of assist hook vary between 1/3-1/2 of the length of metal jig. For me it is depend on the length of the metal jig itself.
I am using 100lbs-130lbs fluoro. Any center balance metal jig will do (assuming normal current).
Mind you, I never boated 10kg plus doggie  ;D

Last month, I attended Yoichi Mogi jigging seminar in Jakarta, he gave us one or two tricks about jigging doggies.
According to him we should run the trebles off the tail, but I forgot to ask about the size of the trebles. He used Smith CB Nagamasa 400 gr blue color when boated 90kg doggie with Nomad in 2008.


Kaiser Pro Shop

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Hi Josh,

Where are you going for doggies?  :D