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FCL Labo Arrived
May 06, 2011, 06:14:07 PM
The following stock has just arrived.

We will advise more detail and pricing ASAP.

Fishing Rod-UC85 Pro
Fishing Rod-UC70ProH
Fishing Rod-UC59Pro 2 Handles
Fishing Rod-UC10Pro
Fishing Rod-UCB80XT
Fishing Rod-UCB72
Fishing Rod-UC81EXT
Fishing Lure-CSP30mm
Fishing Lure-Ebipop SC 40F
Fishing Lure-Squid Pen S75g
Fishing Lure-Squid Pen 180g
Fishing Lure-SPP200 140g
Fishing Lure-TCP S45g
Fishing Lure-TCP F37g
Fishing Lure-SPP 75mm
Fishing Lure-SPP 110mm
Fishing Lure-Shime Vibe 28g
Fishing Lure-HR TM Minnow 55mm
Fishing Lure-HR TM Minnow 90mm
Fishing Lure-HR TM Minnow 135mm
Fishing Lure-HJ Stick 90g Saury
Fishing Lure-TC-1 A
Fishing Lure-SL450g
Fishing Lure-SL230g
Fishing Lure-SL320g
Fishing Lure-540LB
Fishing Lure-400LB
Fishing Lure-200MN
Fishing Lure-230VN

Gara Pro Shop

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Re: FCL Labo Arrived
May 24, 2011, 12:27:28 PM
Some images we will be uploading to the new site soon...