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Kil Song

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This video was taken on the first day of bluefin popping trip by FCL LABO's Tsurusaki group in Cape Cod in mid June, 2011. I watched closely the action of 8' Black Hole Cape Cod Special Graphite rod. I was thinking about developing  a littler heavier rod for big bluefin in 200 plus lb bluefin, but I gave up the plan after observing how the rod handled 250 lb tuna.  It shows enough backbone, power and stiffness. If tuna are over 300 lb, it is beyond the limit of average recreational popping fishermen unless they pursuit the record. In case someone pursuits 300 lb - 400 lb tuna with a popping rod, Black Hole Cow Special is there already.

The Japanese fishermen never experienced those kind of big tuna except Tsurusaki san. But they fought remarkably long on their first try. I think the harness designed by Tsurusakin san helped a lot.
It was funny they used two handles. They did it for fun.
Enjoy it.

JIGNPOP: Action of Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G (Graphite) Rod for 250lb Bluefin