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Nick Bowles

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Musandam Oman Trips
July 27, 2011, 01:06:21 PM
Musandam is the original GT destination in Oman and what put GT fishing in Oman on the map and still produces some amazing fish with the biggest being 56kgs this last season with a few more 50kg+ fish along the way. This last season we also caught a good variety of big fish from 40kgs Longtail Tuna to 43kg Kingfish to 45kg sailfish.

Musandam Oman is an easy destination to get to from Dubai only being 1.5 hours drive from Dubai airport so a lot less hassle than Southern Oman but still has a lot of GTs and big GTs. Also the set up in Musandam is a lot more comfortable with our villa being run for the last 5 years and a good crew looking after the boats and guests and the boat being bigger and better equipped than the Southern Oman boats because of the shear fact of being closer to shops, services and products. There are also 5 star hotel options if you require something a bit more luxurious or bringing the better half!

We have a few spots open for the coming season if you are interested. Below are the openings:
18-22 September - This is still a very hot time of year but the fish start moving back inshore after summer and the fishing is usually smoking!
23-27 October - Good time for GTs and big kingfish
22-24 November - a short 3 day trip and should be good calm weather with some tuna and sailfish with the GTs
4-8 December -  good weather and good fishing
19-21 December - sneaky before Christmas
2-5 January - This is when we got a the big kingfish last year on jig and quite a few 30-40kg GTs
22-26 January - Cooler weather awesome for fishing
3-6 February - Cooler weather awesome for fishing
12-16 February - Valentines trip! Nothing more romantic than catching GT on Valentines day, did it last year in Maldives!!
18-22 March - A very good time of year with big fish
1-3 April - April fools luck??
15-19 April - One of the best weeks of the year with lots of big GTs
13-17 May - Getting hot but big fish around. This last year we got 6 GTs 40kg+ in 3 days.

We can also arrange liveaboard Dhow trips along with the fishing which is an amazing experience.

If anyone requires any additional information please contact me [email protected] and I can send you our information pack along with our equipment list.


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Martin Gundersen

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Re: Musandam Oman Trips
August 03, 2011, 01:36:40 AM
Many great fishes in this pictures
Tight lines

Thor Hafnor

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Re: Musandam Oman Trips
November 18, 2011, 02:41:22 AM
Me, my girl and another couple are headed for Dubai on vacation and we are thinking of going to Oman for some gt popping. We have planned the trip in early january. could you tell me more about prices, transportation from Dubai etc. ? feel free to send PM