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Fisherman Delta 170g Stickbaits on SALE
August 08, 2011, 04:26:06 PM
Save $10.00! 13% off now....only availble @ http://gara-proshop.com/cscart/fisherman-delta-5-170-sw-sinking-stickbait.html

Fisherman stickbaits are created in the Fisherman Think Tank located on Ishigaki Island, the southern most island of Japan. This island, south of the famous Okinawa, is home to GT, Dogtooth and Marlin where Fumio Suzuki, Fisherman's founder, field tests every product that he creates from the ground up with his own hands.

The Delta 5 - 170 stickbait weighs 170g and is 250mm in length making it a perfect lure to target GTs, Tuna and Marlin on medium/heavy power tackle. The stickbait is best suited for casting to prey that feed on surface bait fish, or just beneath along structure such as a reef or rock outcrop.

Best suited to Owner ST-66 in 5/0 or equivalent size.