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mitchell huner

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Kayak Tuna fishing
August 28, 2011, 06:03:43 PM
I am a huge fan of kayak fishing, i no a lot of would say that someone that goes out on a kayak that just sits off the water a little crazy, maybe it is but it is a lot of fun. My favourite fish to catch on the kayak would be long tail tune or also known as northern bluefin tuna. It is so much fun when your just paddle around couple km out to see and then all of a sudden the water erupts with faith tuna and sharks getting amongst as well. great thing is that the Kayak does not seem to scare the fish unlike a boat. You are able to get right in the school while fish are going crazy all around you.

Rods i use are normal the 17 lb. mark with a 3500 or 4000 reel with 20 lb. braid and a 30-40 lb. leader. When the school has started to go crazy i cast little sludges into them trying to imitate the bait. then reel them back. 8 of 10 cast will occur with hook ups. The sludges i use come with treble hooks which are good cause they have a high hook up rate but i have a lot of them pop, so i am a big fan of a circle single hook.

When hooked it is a great feel of getting towed around by a fish that is about 15kg, plus the kayak also creates more drag. Every fish i have caught on my kayak has been way more fun then the equivalent i have caught on a boat. I have one main rule but never bleed the fish while out there. Next season i am hope to try this method with a hand line, will make for a heap of fun.

So to sum up i advise that everyone try's kayak fishing, you will have a blast.

Get out there.     

Darren Cook

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Re: Kayak Tuna fishing
August 28, 2011, 07:22:44 PM
I imagine catching fish on a kayak would be fun but wouldn't fancy eating a tuna thats been stewing away in a kayak on "a couple of km" paddle back to shore.
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mitchell huner

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Re: Kayak Tuna fishing
August 28, 2011, 09:14:18 PM
haha yeh that is a fact but once one is caught i normally head straight in. When they are in season they run pretty close to shore so you can pick a couple up like 100 - 200m off the beach. Plus i am a big fan of catch and release. But yeh try not to let them sit in the sun for to long. Little trick i learnt was wet rag and just keep it wet the hole time.


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Re: Kayak Tuna fishing
July 11, 2012, 09:12:25 AM
I have been kayak fishing for a while now and I am gradually moving up the scale. Lots of Snapper on the troll recently which has been pretty satisfying.

Sports fishing wise I have been getting hammered by Samsonfish (the evil cousin of Amberjacks and Yellow Tail Kingfish) but I have upgraded my gear and hopefully success is near at hand. I got a Narrow Barred Spanish Mackeral into the yak it went 110cm and all of a sudden I had lots of family coming around for dinner. I will try and post a pic.