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Moutoukenmaru lures @ Kaiser
September 01, 2011, 12:50:06 PM
Brand: Moutoukenmaru
Lure Craftsman: Mr Sigeyasu Tosa
Model: Minopenmaru 16F-MG
Length: 16cm
Weight: 46g
Hook size: #2/0 (ST66)
Website: http://happytown.orahoo.com/moutouken/

Minopenmaru 16F-MG have many actual result for tuna fishing with Japanese hand made lure made from Japanese paulownia wood.

Target fishing are tuna, yellowtail and trevally.  Minopenmaru 16F-MG is stickbait which float perpendicularly.

Action carries out a sharp dog-walking action by short pitch twitch.
tuna often reacts to level silhoutte.
Swimming of the state near a level posture to save Minopenmaru 16F-MG by carrying out non-stop dog-walking.
If it does so, tuna cannot detect a lure.
Since Minopenmaru 16F-MG is back center of gravity, it can fly in the distance and it can catch up with fishes with stable flight posture and quick flight speed.
Yellowtail; and trevally is diving action by short stroke soft pitch jerking is also effective.

Minopenmaru 16F-MG is heavy duty lure by using strong urethane coating and hard stainless steel wire.

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