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Elusive Reef Lagoon Explorer 29 Aug 2011
September 01, 2011, 05:57:14 PM
Clint: Did I say things were going to explode today well it did. The morning started with light winds and a run in tide and hungry fish and it was not before too long we were into our first GT which was John's biggest fish ever of 33kg which was pretty cool. Every thing after that was a blur and everywhere we fished had bait and oddles of fish that were very hungry. And it seemed as though as soon as I released one fish there was another screaming reel in the background. The highlight of the day was watching two massive GTs porpoise 2ft out of the water after a Goby with their bodies clashing in mid air they bounced of each other totally missing the lure it was mind blowing stuff. We ended up with 24 GTs for the day three double hookups and a spanish of 25kg. A cracker day on the coral sea. And for the boys it was everything they had ever dreamed of.

Alex- After a long run this morning we started with a bang. Fish on first cast and packs of fish on the other two lures. We had some crazy action for the last few hours of run in tide. Fusies everywhere and fish trying to smash the lures. We lost a heap of fish but boated a fair few. Right on the change of the tide we had an unbelievable double hookup, both massive fish that were going ballistic. Unfortunately one busted us off but we got the other one it was easily over 40 it was a beast. We kept having solid action most of the day, with some big spannos and cuda thrown in as well. Great company on the boat today and cruising back in flat calm conditions around dry reef channels, after boating 15 GTs it was a great day.

John Dory:- We had beautiful conditions this morning with the run in tide folding nicely into the big bay that we decided to fish, we had some awesome takes and it wasn't long before we were tight to some nice Turrum, the guys had 4 fish onboard quickly before the fish started eating about a foot short of the lures, a steady afternoon after a long run saw a couple of more fish landed from a lot of strikes before a couple of hour trolling session resulted in a nice Spaniard a small trout and a few missed hits, nice day. Double and triple hookups ended with not many to the boat

Damon: Had an amazing start to the day with fusiliers everywhere. We had Yukari, the boss of ripple fisher in Japan out today, and the fish were biting hard from the start with double and triple hookups going on everywhere, but not many were converted into boated fish. In a hectic 2hr session, we released 6 GTs before the tide turned and then we headed further south to a new reef area, and we were into more hectic action straight away. There were big fish lost, plenty hooked, and quite a few released. We saw a couple of 50kg GTs and lost both of them. We ended the day with 15 GTs released, with the biggest fish around 32kg and the smallest GT around 20kg, so they were a nice size class of fish. All up, a very productive and enjoyable day in great weather