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Ricky Lim

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Re: Jigwrex S508
October 25, 2011, 02:06:52 AM
Hi Steven

We tested the prototype  S508 (old model) in Perth extensively for one full season of Samson jigging. We fished it nearly everyday. Good rod and value for money if you ask me for my two cents worth.
I think it has a very good stiffness for 250-400gm jigs when fishing 50 to 100m of water and folds away nicely when loaded up.
As with the long butt end, it has it's benefits. The rod loads and jigs nicely under arm. Probably the most comfortable rod while doing the spiral retrieve when loaded up.
Also the safety rail in Perth is consider very high, so it a good rod when come to rail clearance.
I prefer to fish pe6 matched with 300g jigs on these rod.

Nice rod