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Craft-Bait Poppers & Stickbaits Now in Stock
September 15, 2011, 09:20:44 AM
Craft-Bait Poppers & Stickbaits Now in Stock

We just opened the shipment last night and are currently adding to the online shop....

Dart Bait Stickbait @90g http://craft-bait.net/products-dartbait.html
Real Bait @60g & 170g http://craft-bait.net/products-rb01.html
GT-2 http://craft-bait.net/products-gt01.html
GT-3 150g http://craft-bait.net/color_gt03.html
GT-3 170g http://craft-bait.net/color_gt03.html
GT-3 190g http://craft-bait.net/color_gt03.html


Will update this post when we have added the complete shipment.