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Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 20 Sept 2011
October 03, 2011, 10:15:46 AM
Peter: We woke up this morning to some awesome weather. The plan was to fish the outside of the reef while the dories could get out there. Within 15 mins of trolling we caught a nice size doggie of 25kgs and lost a couple more.
The sounder showing was too good to pass up so we deployed some jigs and we got absolutely blown away by a number of big doggies. The only fish we managed to pull from the spot was a nice size Spanish and job fish. After that we went into an awesome looking lagoon for a snorkel and some lunch. We finished of the day trying to catch a GT and we managed to hook 5 and saw about 25 others on just 1 ledge. After all the excitement we didn't even end up managing to boat a GT it was quite entertaining. All in all great day to be out on the water

Glanville:- Waking up this morning and having a peak out the window to a glass calm ocean with maybe 5-10knts of wind was simply too good to be true and I thought that I had to be dreaming but the realisation of a fantastic day of fishing ahead was unreal we quickly forced some food down the hatch and were on the water in a flash and a blur, the plan today was to do some soft plastic fishing and then troll the outside edge for a marlin, yellowfin or wahoo. The morning session was awesome and we managed to knock over a few good size fish on the SP including a 10kg trout, and 2 quality size Maori wrasse all on the light gear, needless to say but we got blown away a few times by solid fish but that's all part of the game we settled down into a nice lunch and just took in the amazing weather. After the break the tide was pushing nicely and we set out the troll gear in the hope for a doggie before we headed to the deep it took us all of 10mins before we had our first fish hooked up and whilst Pete was retrieving the other lure a doggie obliterated it half way to the boat, after a little knitting and a lot of reel screaming we got both the hounds to the boat 1 around 18kg and the other around 40kg we tried a little more only to be pestered around by Spanish mackerel so we decided to head out for the big one, unfortunately we never managed to raise a Marlin but we did end the day off with a sky rocketing mackerel which grabbed the short lure and  then had a second go getting fully airborne, this fish would have gone 5m into the air with the skirted lure hanging from its mouth what an awesome sight.

Clint: Awesome conditions this morning and it really started off well. I hit a shoal with the boys and we got plenty of mackerel and sharkies jigging and trolling, also missed some big doggies these things were peeling line off the reel they were very hard to stop and we got smoked a couple of times. We then hit a nice ledge which produdced some nice GT's and big red bass. There are just so many options at this place it is great! In the arvo we hit the flats which was great fun on the light tackle we got plenty of coral trout, job fish and trevally. It was a great mixed bag of a day.

Alex- Big cod and trout on plastics to start followed by GTs and red bass in the shallows all within the first hour of the day. We then got excited after seeing Clinto catch a marlin yesterday and towed skirts from lunch onwards, we raised one but it only had a half hearted go at it. Can't wait to grab the leader of a nice marlin from the dory it would be insane! Here's hoping.