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Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 21 Sept 2011
October 03, 2011, 10:43:54 AM
Peter: Today we woke up with reasonable conditions yet again which was great meaning the dories could get out wide. The plan was to do some jigging for a while. The first spot we pulled up to we managed to get into some nice size pink job fish. We then moved on to some new ground and found ourselves right in the mix of some massive fish. We boated some nice size GTs, coral trout, cod, Spanish and got absolutely destroyed by other huge fish. With things starting to slow I went to a Doggie spot I found a few days earlier and the first troll over the mark we had a double hook up on absolute giants that we couldn't stop and dropped them both. We couldn't manage to get another strike after that as the fish started sounding down deeper. So we pulled up to jig the mark, talk about getting the raw end of the deal. We got an absolute belting from these fish and couldn't stop any of them. We left the fish bitting because the boys were losing too much gear and wanted to call it quits. With half an hour left in the day the guys wanted to catch a GT on poppers they all managed to get a nice size GT each before we made our way back to the boat. What an awesome day!!!

Clint: After all the amazing fishing the boys have had it was a very chilled day today. We did some light tackle jigging for the most part of the morning and got some great coral trout and red bass. The boys went for a dive and snorkle for the most part of the day and said they saw some great fish down there some big Maori wrasse and GTs. In the arvo we did some more jigging and it was very similar to the morning plenty of trout and red bass. With light winds and the sun out is was a great day on the water. 

Glanville:-We started off this morning with a different plan to try catch some fish on poppers it wasn't long before we had a good size trout and a couple redbass to the boat, we managed to hook a few GTs but couldn't get them to stick, I took the guys to a deeper shoal and bang a doggie came and smoked the stickbait, a couple of casts later and the popper was obliterated, this fish smoked off with line in screaming fashion but unfortunately we were left with giant teeth holes inside the popper, we put the troll lures out and got another quality doggie before the guys were keen to go do a little relaxing fishing so we sped off to the inside and found a spot to do some softplastic fishing, straight away we were in to a giant cod followed by a few good size long face emperor and a couple of 5kg trout before it was lunch time. We all met up in this tiny little blue hole and anchored the boats and the guys just chilled out and had a snorkel and just took the wonders of the barrier reef in.....awesome place the rest of the day was extremely relaxing and we managed to get a few more fish with the soft plastics before chilling out on the mothership.

Alex- Today was great. Awesome weather matched with unbelievable scenery. It was a fairly chilled out day today, sight casting GTs and blue fin on the shallows. Some highlights were seeing a 40+kg fish come in from about 50m away in a metre of water and destroy the popper a metre away from the boat, and seeing a nice Maori wrasse hammer the popper and reef us straight away but as it was a hot calm day and I was feeling adventurous I jumped in with snorkel and lip gaff and got him out from under the bommie much to the delight of the guys on board. After that it was a 3 hour lunch and snorkel in a nice blue hole then back to watch the sunset on the mothership.