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Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 27 Sept 2011
October 03, 2011, 11:58:30 AM
Alex- today was one of the best days gt fishing I have had up north. We easily raised 40 GTs for the day and my teaser popper looks like it was hit with a lawn mower, anyway we didn't end up boating any GTs but hooked some nice ones and busted them off. The fish were that angry and hungry today that twice I got busted off on a hookless cubera not even sure how that's possible. The fish were that angry that they only had tunnel vision for the popper but even though we did not boat any on the fly it was an amazing spectacle for the guys to watch GTs smash a popper over and over again and almost crash into the side of the boat. The weather smiled on us today and cruising in light winds along the edge of the reef that was spectacular to look at was a great way to finish the day.

Glanville:- We started this morning off with a bang and managed to get stuck into a small GT on a deep clouser straight up... we continued dredging for a while with little luck and set off for some flats fishing, we managed to get a couple small fish to the boat but were seeing plenty on the teaser lure, it wasn't long before the guys decided that the teaser needed hooks and first cast we had a decent size emperor followed by a few more quick fish before a giant trout ended our fun, we got chased off the flats by the tide and started dredging the edges again, we were sounding up some quality fish and I recommended to one of the guys that a softplastic might be worth a try to see if the fish were eating...first drop again resulted in an 8kg trout followed by another of around 6kg shortly after. We tried the afternoon for a GT on the fly and it wasn't long before I had a pack of them fighting over the teaser popper but just wouldn't switch over the fly, after raising a handful more the guys wanted to catch a few on poppers and that went off with a bang and the last half hour of the day we put 4 nice GTs a redbass and a bluefin in the boat... there are a lot of fish around at the moment, the next group of guys are going to clean up in a big way.

John Dory:- Today the guys were hell bent on catching some large fish on fly so the decision was made to dredge the channels for yellowfin and pressure points for GT, the most productive was a slow drift through the bait schools which saw us connected to some serious fish that made good their freedom a large blue spot trout started to swing the score into our favour before John hooked a monster that taught him a lesson, today we had some good opportunities and with a little luck we could have had some trophy fish on the Nikon but the fish were winning the bouts, a tough day on the gear but so much fun on the guys 

Clint: Out here on the reef we all know there are huge fish and chasing these critters on fly your gear has to be sound and ready to go and the gods must be looking upon you to land these big fish but I will get back to that later. In the morning the flat was the the pick again and the action was quite hot to start there were plenty of rainbow runners and bluefin trevally cruising around. Joe and Wayne had a ball sight casting to these fish hooking and missing plenty of fish the action was hot. The next reef we hit the edge of the reef was where the action was and boy were there some GTs not big ones but to see packs of these fish jumping all over the fly was exciting and Wayne got his first GT in the purest sense teasing the fish up and sight casting to it he was stoked. With the big spring tides our attention moved to a out shoal and boy did it look good. I was using a big stick bait to raise some giants and it was not before too long we had a big school of Spanish under the boat. With a subtle cast Joe's fly hit the water and the Spanish was all over it this thing peeled line off at pace then the unthinkable
happened his loop knot pulled Bummer. The quest for a big Gt was still on the
cards as the whole trip many fish have been raised and missed it is not an easy task getting a big GT on fly. With the low tide I spotted an area were GTs would be waiting to get up on the flats. First cast a monster at my hookless popper and Joe's fly landed perfectly next to the teaser the GT swung around and ate his fly this was the one he had waited for a 30kg fish. Boy did this thing do damage and in a instant the line off the deck got to the reel and then his fly line snapped. Another trophy fish that got the better of us. We will get them tomorrow.