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Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 29 Sept 2011
October 03, 2011, 12:09:29 PM
Alex- Well today was nice and relaxed we unloaded the guests early in the morning then got to work all making our boats nice and clean. Then in the late afternoon we decided to have a go at fly fishing ourselves, after guiding for fly all week. In the blue flame captained by Clinton 'worm fly' Isaac and crew of the Grom and myself we hit Restoration Island. Grom missed some nice tuna early on and packed a sad and reached for his stella 2500 so the fly was mine. In the next hour assisted by the amazing knowledge of Clinton I managed to smash 5 different species. Fingermark, hussar, fusier, brassy trevally and my faviourite the majestic flute fish which sucked the fly down like a cheap hooker. The last half hour of the day the Grom picked up the fly rod again and missed bulk fish until hooking a nice brassy trevally that got him well into the backing. After watching the Grom lose fish after fish Clinto showed his true flyfishing prowess and presented a perfect cast to a feeding school of brassys and boated one first cast. An amazing afternoon that has reignited my inner flyfishing flame. Let's go chuck fly!!