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Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 14 October 2011
October 14, 2011, 04:06:22 PM
Clint: It was straight to the light tackle scene this morning and boy were the shallows alive there were that many fish it was actually hectic and it seemed like I was constantly tying knots and rigging lures as the boys kept getting busted between all the madness one thing that blew my mind is how many big trout were around plenty of 10kg fish that were lost. In this session the fish definitely got the better hand and for all we saw very little was boated but hey it was awesome fun and that's what it is about. After all of the excitment we head west to a new anchorage and got to fish some inner reefs. We stopped at a reef I had a brief encounter with once for GTs and saw plenty of fish I was pumped to stop by again and it did not disappoint it was actually going gangbusters. In 15min of GT fishing we boated 8 fish and saw a heap more it was one of  the craziest little sessions I have ever had and the boys were absolutely stoked. Today's highlight was watching a lure hit the water and the GT ate it as it landed without a pop. I really think that GTs sometimes watch the lure when its in the air pretty cool.

Peter: I had the GT guys on today so we fished hard seeing as it was their last full day out at Bligh reef. Things started off good in the morning, fishing the last 2 hours of the run in tide we would of seen about 15 GTs and hooked around six pulling the hooks on all of them. Once the tide turned and started to run out the fish went off the chew completely. We were fishing the nicest looking edges with bait everywhere without even seeing a fish. It was definitely time to make a plan B. So we decided to fish some reefs west of the anchorage on the way to Forbes Island. Once we arrived it was absolute carnage seeing, hooking and catching GTs and sky rocketing Spanish non stop for a solid two hours. We ended up boating 15 good size GTs, 7 Spanish and some other pelagics for the day. What an insane way to finish the day. Once we arrived back it was on the Island's white sandy beach for a swim and an ice cold beer. It doesn't get any better than this!!!

John Dory:- Today was the last full day of a 2 week adventure for my 3 guys so they where keen to finish with a bang. We headed to a secret bombie where we had seen some dogtooth earlier in the week and last week for one last crack, after releasing our first white tip we fished the ledge and on our last cast at this spot a massive doggie launched itself into the air eating the popper and started its journey back to bombara land when a massive pack of white tips made a meal of it, just seeing the size of the shoulders on this fish I have no doubt this fish was over 60kg, this system must be extremely healthy with the amount of critters that roam these waters, unfortunately our next doggie encounter ended in the same tears as one ate a jig and headed for freedom only to become a main meal, Cronulla got up over the Bulldogs in today's match!!!! After a relaxing afternoon cruising back to Forbes Island and stopping to pick up a casual GT off the Fusilier school on the way and dropping a few plastics for some trout it was a great finish to a wonderful stint with too many highlights to poke a stick at, good times

Nick:- Today started off with a bang with Stuart, Dan and Andrew keen to get stuck into some GTs first up in the morning we managed to land 6 GTs before 9am which was a cracker start to the day. Their batteries were starting to get a bit low so we decided to go and flick some light gear around the shallows which proved to be a little slow compared with yesterday. We still managed to land some decent blue fin and trout. On the way home we stumbled across a mine field of fusies getting smashed and we just hopped from bomie to bomie picking fish after fish. Our plan for the day was to head over to an island off the mainland that has a beautiful white sandy beach and was exactly what the doctor ordered after a week like this one. With a bbq on the beach and a bonfire and a beer, there's not much more that one could ask for, what a great week out here at Bligh reef.