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Update late October 2011
October 29, 2011, 11:15:03 AM
We just had Richard and the Kaiser group over to have a crack at Kingfish on top water.
The guys caught plenty of fish on top water lures but the average size was down on what we were hooking into this time last year. The guys put in some solid days and were very focused and driven to get results on top water, when the did drop jigs down it was clear lots of the fish are holding a bit deeper because the jigs generally got hit more often.
Water temps are down a bit here and i feel with one or two more degrees things will start to really crank on the surface, we kept one fish last week and it was full of squid beaks which is a very good sign for things to come.
The boys did find one monster fish which slammed into a lure right next to the rocks, we tried to drive it out but with rugged territory and lobster pots all around this was a stressful but adreniline pupming job. But begger it the fish found the rocks and kelp and managed to throw the hook. One of my friends seen a fish of 40 to 50 KG in the same vicinity days earlier so who knows.

Things in Tauranga are settling down, they are getting plenty of oil of the stranded ship and the salvage is going well. The oil that has landed in the ocean seems to have dispersed and they are now steadily shrinkin the exclusion zone. Who knows i may get to go home soon.
Cheers Mark


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Re: Update late October 2011
October 30, 2011, 03:15:21 PM
Thank you very much Mark for the hosting and the hardwork you put in to help us try get good results.
Totally true that fishes were aplenty at the moment, only lacking in size currently.
I do have a feeling it will be matters of 1-2weeks before it starts to fire, but pity I dont have time for a return trip this year.
The whole group enjoyed themseleves and the weather was totally awesome.
It was particularly sweet leaving on a rainy day when the earlier 5 days were all sun shining days!


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