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Jewell Reef Ultimate Adventure 30 Oct 2011
October 31, 2011, 09:31:59 AM
Peter: I had 2 guys keen to brave it out in the dory today and we set of for the shallows. They fished very well all day catching a vast array of fish including red bass, long nose emperor, coral trout, trigger fish, Maori Wrasse, Cod species, Blue fin Trevally, GTs, boar fish and sweetlips. We then mixed it up a bit and went for a troll and managed to bag some nice size job fish, Barracuda, Blue fin travelley and a GT. With the last half an hour left in the day we dropped some plastics down in a likely looking spot and got smoked every drop. Whatever they were they were too big for us to land hopefully we can change that tomorrow!

Damon:- I had 3 guys onboard today who were mad keen to not have to wear the dress as punishment for least fish caught. Too hard to explain that one, but an interesting group!! Anyway, with that in mind we hit the shallows for some light tackle action with red bass, coral trout and big eye emperor coming thick and fast. Lures losses were high, but the fish and species tally slowly rose. At about mid morning we hit the outside edge and braved the rough water for some good GT action on smallish fish up to about 18kg.
Lunch was enjoyed in the shallows and then some trolling produced only shark mackerel and barracuda. Next stop was some isolated bommies out in the lagoon, and the GTs were hungry here. Double hookups and pack attacks from nice sized black fish were in order, and we boated 4 GTs from some mayhem.
The late arvo session in the shallows was awesome, with the highlight being a 10kg red bass trying to eat the lure out of the mouth of a 4kg red bass boatside in 3m of water. Joseph was quick on the drop and got his lure in the face of the big angry red bass, which it quickly inhaled and then proceeded to demolish him in record time in the reef. Even hooking a 10kg red bass at the rod tip is not enough to land one in 3m of water with coral aplenty!! A great day, and can't wait for tomorrow.

John: What an amazing days fishing today, one of those situations where everywhere we went we found fish, first up this morning we cast at the outside edge of the reef and consistently picked up GT with some really nice fish between 25kg and 30kg throwing in the odd red bass and a very large and angry Cuda, the action didn't stop there as in the shallows on the next reef down the emperors and bass were in a feeding frenzy for the next 2 hours nailing stick shads and small poppers like they were going out of fashion.
While waiting for lunch I noticed a nice shoal on the bottom of the reef that was starting to form a nice pressure edge so the decision was made to investigate, over the next 2 hours this shoal produced a constant stream of GTs in the 10 to 15kg bracket with numerous pack attacks and some Big cod and red bass joining in on the action, the guys on board where well and truly buggered after this and opted for some nice relaxing light tackle fishing in the shallows for the last part of the day, how wrong they were as a steady run of nice goldspot trevally and red bass kept them working along with a couple of genuine ripper longnose emperor, just a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful days fishing with a group of guys who appreciate these days when they come along!