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Glanville:- I do recall myself saying this earlier this year but today was truly a special day and a phenomenon at that!!!! Today was all about the GTs on my boat and I was going to do my best to put my guys in the foetal position on the deck, managed that with ease, we started off fishing the back of the reef for GTs and were doing pretty well all things considered and by 10:30 we had 14 GTs to the boat, I decided to take a sniff further to the north to look for what we call mobile bommies and what we found was just unbelievable, we had 4 mobile bommies of GTs working in a small area, each one of these bommies consists of literally thousands of GTs that are all meeting up in what is known as spawning aggregations, these things are hungry though and every popper that hits the surface is mowed down by fish, hundreds of them fighting over each lure so much so that you have to take the hooks off and only fish with one hook on the lures so you don't catch 2 on one lure, it was triple hook up after triple hook up and my guys gave in at about 35-40 fish, we managed to catch 20 in a half an hour before they were sprawled out on the deck begging to go fish for redbass in the shallows and as we were about to do this the guys on Johnnie's boat got hooked into a beast, and I mean a beast of a bull shark which they fought for 3 hours on a GT outfit...all respect must go to Trent who battled this mammoth for 2hr15mins an unbelievable effort on a GT rod. All in all an unreal day something to put in the memory bank. Hope you guys had a good day in the office...life is hard!!!!!

John- Straight up this morning we headed out looking for the mobile bommies and we were not disappointed as almost right on queue they appeared and never left us for the whole morning, I think our fish count ended up around 30 GT for the morning, an awesome effort as we only needed to use 1 hook per lure or they would pack attack them and rip them from the end of the line! At about midday we had a double hookup of GT and landed the first one and I saw the second one just under the boat when as I was de hooking the second fish peeled off about 150m of line straight down, now I thought this was a bit odd as it looked like a nice fish but I didn't think it was going to be a monster, well the next 3 and a half hours was a slow and painful effort to bring a huge Bull shark of at least 250kg up from the depths of the ocean but I have to make a special mention of Trent who fought this thing for the first 2 hours 20min on popping gear with the drag set at around 15kg, mate you are a beast I don't know many others that could handle that pressure as for the last hour we all took turns and could only manage 10 min each!! This was a wonderful way to finish off a great week with a great bunch of guys cheers !!i

Saltaire:  We started off the day with some jigging and managed to get a few fish to the boat including coral trout, Rosy jobfish and cod but in the process got absolutely smoked by some very large creatures. We then heard reports on the radio about mobile bommies being found in the area we were so in came the jigs and out came the poppers. We stumbled upon them quickly and before we knew it there were triple hook ups going on everywhere for us and the other two vessels. With so much action the boys got exhausted rather quickly. John from the other boat hooked something very large that had all the boats waiting in anticipation for 3 hours. It turned out to be a huge bull shark a good effort from the boys to capture this lump of a thing!!