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Daniel Klemm

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November 15, 2011, 09:48:18 AM
Hello Guys,

in March 2012 we are going to vist Oman for one week to (hopefully) land some GT's.

I am aware that there is a specialist on this board with Nick Bowls (who is also very welcome to answer), but perhaps some of you have already fished there and can contribute.

My questions:
-which lures would you recommend for the GT's?
- is an 60Lb Line/MC Tuna OffBlow 8'6 enough?
- is trolling on Spainards/Sailfish/Tuna an option in March?

- where are good shore fishing spots and which species can you catch from the shore?

Best regards,

Barry Kurten

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Re: Musandam-Khasab/Oman
November 17, 2011, 04:20:32 AM
Hi Daniel,

I live in the UAE and i am fortunate enough to fish the Musandam on a regular basis :)

To be totally honest, your best bet would be to contact Nick from Ocean Active, those guys know the Musandam like back of their hands.
They travel out of Dibba harbour which is on the East coast and for my mind offers alot more fishing area and from all the pictures ive seen of the Ocean Active catches tend to offer considerably bigger GT's aswell !

We fish from the Khasab side of the Musandam on occassions, but from my experiences the further you head into the Persian Gulf the smaller the GT's tend to get, although there are always exceptions :)

In my experiences, and by no means am i an expert of any kind, The GT's in the Musandam definately tend to favour Stickbaits, and you dont have to be shy on the size of Stickbait neither. The current in this area is so strong at most times , that working a popper can be a bit difficult and therefore ive noticed the fish tend to prefer Stickbaits, however we have had good catches on poppers when the current is down.

Again in my personal experience , i dont think 60lb is going to be a good idea, because of the very strong currents in this area , these GT's tend to be turbo charged and fight like hell ! We use 100lb minimum and still get reefed !  But then again , we are still amateurs ! :)

With regards to shore fishing , i do plenty of this in Abu Dhabi. March is a really good time to catch Golden Trevally, Queen Fish and our local rock cod. If you are going to be spending a decent amount of time in the UAE , please feel free to drop me a PM and id be more then willing to take you fishing on the flats.