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Jewell Reef Ultimate Adventure 13 Nov 2011
November 17, 2011, 09:22:51 AM
John- Today we had a group of guys just keen to pop for GTs and they were in for a treat, straight up we headed to the outside and hooked straight into a nice fish about 36kg with a few red bass and smaller GT making an appearance with a large cod giving Michael a hard time. Next plan we headed west to a small set of reefs for the day to fish the last of the run in and the run out tide and the fish were on the ball with constant action and plenty of misses, the red bass were prolific and a few sharks turned up to taste a few of the fish we caught but all day was consistent action with the tally at 25 GT and just as many bass and bluefin the guys where keen to head back to the mothership for an early shower and a couple of cold beverages, mission accomplished the guys were broken !!!!!

Clint: Today the guys started off with some jigging on the front edges with the run in tide. We hooked some nice fish that really got the better of us there sure were some big creatures down there. As the tide turned so did our attention and we hit up the GTs pretty hard we must have seen 40 for the day and only could land 2 but hey that's fishing. The end of the day was wind down mode after all the heavy popper fishing and we got some nice trout and bass on the shallows a chilled way to finish the day.

Glanville:- We went out this morning and tried for a doggie but never had any luck so we ventured into the back edge of the reef to cast some poppers, first cast of the morning Andy hooked up to a 35kg GT which had seen his popper from about 30m away and it just mowed it down we got a few more there before the sea got a little rough and we ventured into the inside where we managed to puzzle a few more GT before we headed home for a bight to eat, the afternoon was all out marlin and we pulled baits for a few hours before a shark ate both baits and put an end to our misery, we made our way home and stopped on the back edge of a reef for a last GT fish and we would have seen 20 GTs in less than an hour, nearly every cast they were coming up it was pretty entertaining....