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GT and other species in Thailand?
December 03, 2011, 07:36:45 PM
I`m going with my family to Phuket 6-28 december. This is more of a holidaytrip then a fishing trip. But I just had to bring a couple of travelrods.
Its no heavy gear, one 7" 15-40g with 4000 FA and a 7" 20-80g with a 5000 SW. Small poppers and stickbaits 10-80g and some softbaits & jigs up to 100g. Since this is a "family trip" I left all heavy popping & jigging gear at home so multiday trips to the Andamans etc. is out of the question (sadly) :'(. My question is : Is it possible at all to catch a GT or some other gamefish from shore or a daytripcharter in this area?
I dont care if its a 2kg GT, I never caught one so it would be fantastic just to catch one. And I doubt that I can catch anything much larger than 10kg on the gear Im bringing anyway. All info is very appreciated and Im not just interested in GT:s. jacks,mahi,wahoo,doggies,yft,bonitos or anything else that swims. Trolling is not an option then I rather walk the shores catching "aquarium" species.


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Fish isnt caught from the couch you got to be there....