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Josh Tan Peng Siong

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Evergreen Poseidon Vs Hots Fake Lez
December 12, 2011, 01:47:13 PM
Hey guys,

will like to seek your opinion on the below mention jigging rods.

Fake Lez 54M   
Length:5.4feet LineWT: PE2.5-4 JERK MAX:200g

Poseidon Spin Jerk PSPJ500
Length:5.0feet LineWT: PE3 JERK MAX:160g
(underrated rod - feel more like a PE4 rod)

I've managed to get hold and load both rods at my local tackle shops. Now the problem at static there's
only that much I can observe.

I was hoping if any brothers out there have the opportunity to jig with them, kindly give me an idea how
they feel like while jigging; weight, hardiness, sensitivity, best suited jigging method and etc. Why you
might choose one over another.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Ben Zamo

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Re: Evergreen Poseidon Vs Hots Fake Lez
December 13, 2011, 07:42:15 AM
I believe the lighter the PE the longer the rod but its all personal opinion, 4 inches is a big difference in some brands of rods.
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