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Sam McCowan

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Hi everyone,

im headed to Mabiuag island for a week at the start of febuary and will have alot of time available for fishing. has anyone fished the area? i cant decide wether its necessary to bring a pe8 popping rod or wether a pe4 set up will suffice.

mostly landbased but will hopefully tee up some boat access on arival to access the extensive reef systems very near by.

any suggestions would be appreciated

Rob Langridge

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G`Day Sam

I have never heard of the island until now so i hit up a Google search on the place and a Google earth search and it looks very interesting.
If it was me i would be packing the PE8 rod with some poppers and stickbaits. And the PE4 rod with some little spinning lures and some soft plastic.
The picture of the island i found shows there are lots of headlands that look the goods for landbased fishing.

Sorry i cant help with any info about the fishing there but the way i look at it is.... You never know if you don`t have a go...... so good luck on the trip and i hope you have a fantastic report when you get back telling us all about the massive GT`S you caught.

Cheers Rob

Sam McCowan

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thanks for the reply.

thanks to qantas's baggage charges none of my rods fit under the rule without 4 excess charges (120 dollars). so the conclusion is i will be taking a very light 8-17lb 4 piece travel rod and a 7/8 weight fly outfit. fortunatly i have an array of poppers and stickbaits that will work well on the spin outfit. 

hopefully this hasnt ruined my chances of landing a few smaller models. but unfortunatly its the only option left.

Jay Burgess

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Just wear the excess baggage charges and take a decent PE8 outfit  8)

Mark Whitaker

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You will have fun with a 17lb outfit!

I have not fished that particular Island but I lived and fished Bamaga and TI many moon ago and you will catch everything from small to very very large!

The locals all use 250lb hand lines for a reason!

Have fun and you will come back with fantastic memories, and take lots of photos.

Some of the Islands have rock fish traps built by the locals gernerations ago.  AT high tide the fish swim in and when the tide goes out they are trapped.  The locals walk down and catch whatever they want and at the next high tide the rest a free again.

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Sam McCowan

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i weakened. went out and bought a travel t curve rev 7'6" 15-24kg. will hold my saragosa 18000 running 80lb nicely.

another box to add to the trip but no excess baggage chargers and an extra rod when i get home :P

many photos will be taken, im really hoping to find some big gt aswell as some bonefish for the fly rod.