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Exploratory Drive Out 24 Jan 2011
January 25, 2012, 05:44:20 PM
Exploratory Drive Out 24 Jan 2012:

Nick:- Rain, rain, rain. This is was the setting for the whole day and making conditions pretty testing to say the least. With visability brought down to 30 meters at times this made life a little difficult at times. We did still manage to find a few fish in the clear patches of squalls. Dropping plastics for reef species was the name of the game today yielding a good catch of red throat, trout, triggers, wrass, mac tuna and even another GT. The afternoon saw some heavy rain set in and this called for the trolling rods to be set out, raising a few bites and landing a shark mackerel we made our way back to Odyssey to get warm and dry.

Clint: We left the anchorage today for an area full of gnarly channels, currents. This is an area where you have a very good chance of catching a big GT and this was on the agenda. We fished blue holes searching for the ones that were full of bludger treavlly. The two areas we fished that were loaded with bludgers were where we got our two biggest hits. They where big fish! Unfortunately we pulled the hooks on both of them. We did some light tackle as the boys got tired from the endless casting looking for the big one. Small bait fish were packed tight in the corners and the boys had a blast catching mac tuna and tevally. It was back to the boat early from the drenching rain.

John :-  today we made the run towards the new anchorage first up with some very keen GT fishermen onboard the day started positively with a couple of decent bites, as the day wore on the bites continued but they had very bad aim as everything was a foot short of the poppers, a couple of follows we had looked like large fish but they just toyed with us darting away after showing us their size.
A couple of gold spots and a psycho longtom on the light tackle entertained us through the rainy parts of the day before a finish to the day that included a short hookup and a couple of more bites from good fish.

Alex- Interesting start today, we had a bit of action off the back of Odyssey catching a couple of nice GTs one 35kg one on fly. We then spent the rest of the day on a light tackle mission. The tuna were very finicky but heaps of decent sized longtails around. Luckily the reef dwelling pelagics were playing the game and we had a ball with multiple hook-ups on bludger trevally, goldspots and rainbow runner. Then some huge rain clouds closed in and cut the visability down so much that we were forced to troll. This was not a bad thing though and we were kept entertained by sharkies and the odd Spanish which chef Petro turned into some delicious beer battered snacks back on odyssey.