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Chris Dennis

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I can't contribute much in the way of GT fishing experience but living in the UAE I have transported rods / sections many times from the UK.

I wouldn't use anything but a piece of upvc drain / fall pipe after Emirates managed to pretty much fold in half what I considered to be a VERY robust cardboard tube  :(

No need for end caps, I make sure the tube is bit longer than the rod at each end and pack it with bubblewrap or even crumpled up newspaper to cushion the ends. Cut out a circle of corrugated card for each end and then use multiple layers of parcel tape to seal the ends.

Write fragile on the tube a few times and cross your fingers.................

Just joking, I've never had a problem after parcelling up a rod like this and it costs vey little compared to the price of a decent rod.

Jamie Moir

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You know writing fragile on it is bad news? It means that aus post, and couriers, often refuse to accept liability for any item marked fragile:

Compensation cover is excluded when the contents are considered fragile. Therefore, Australia Post is unable to accept any liability for compensation

Warwick Joyce

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Another vote for au air express. It's easy and at a good price, I can usually get a rod sent anywhere on the east coast for between $20-30 on the next available flight.
You used to be able to calculate the cost online but they have changed their web around a bit and now work with Startrack who provide the door to door service.

Another vote also for PVC. I have a few pipes here that are well traveled and there is no sign of damage.

Mark Harris

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PVC pipes really are a cheap and secure packaging method for rods.  There are plenty of anglers out there who even use these as an improvised check-in rod case when traveling.

Nathan Cefai

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"Pack and send" can't beat them

Sent a couple rods threw them now interstate $25 to $35,even to lord Howe