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Leo Sorbello

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Hi All,  :)

I'm looking to acquire some recognised and proven/consistent fish takers costing around between AUD$ 50 - 90.00 dollars. Further to what I'm wanting to start my collection with ( i.e. Garyukobo Black Slap 210 in 105 g & Fisherman Delta's in 60 grams ).  They need to be with good hardward fittings, durable as practical, swim properly and with a quality finish. Weight range between 60 g to say 120 grams being a mixture of floating and sinking models.

Targeted species will be yellowfin & blue fin tuna, yellow tail kingfish & albacore tuna fishing with PE6 line.

Apart from the Carpenters, CB One Zorro's, Craft and Real Baits & Nomads stick baits are there any other well proven consistent fish takers in my price range worth acquiring. I have mentioned earlier on about the Garyukobo Black Slap 210's & Fisherman Delta's are these a proven fish taker with the targeted species intended ?

Looking forward in receiving forum members experiences and advice in building a good variety and selection of proven stick baits.

Regards  :)


Kyle Stacey

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Yozuri 140 sliders in sinking have been good on bluefin both on the NSW sth coast (bermi) and down at portland, fish to 40kg

Nathan Cefai

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Hi Leo

If i was you id definetly check out ASWB LURES,by far a amazing lure that is on the market at a great price,i have been using the lures for quiet a while now and have loved every new lure design that Brad brings out,they swim beautifully and have a amazing finish,well balanced and strong hardware..

They will be taking off on the east coast of NSW very soon as they now have a Sales Rep and alot of tackle shops want to stock them,ill be stocking some my self also in the smaller kingfish sizes especially..

They sell from $45 to $74 and 11 lures in the range,ill upload a photo for you below..

The ASWB lure range has taken of extremely well around the world and all GT anglers will definetly have a range of them for there GT trips..They have taken off very well in the UAE,USA,France and Italy and alot more are are being signed up soon..

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