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New Arrival from Hot's!
February 14, 2013, 03:51:55 AM
Hi Guys!

Hope all is well.
Bluefin tuna season just started here in the Noreastern coast of USA and our boys at Saltywater Tackle went 1 out of 4 yesterday.
The tunas are big and mean this year so get yourself well stocked and be prepared!
Hot's products reached our shores yesterday, check them out!

Hot's L Backpack
Hot's L Duffle Bag
Hot's Y2 Jig
Hot's Tide Lez 78MH and 711MH
Hot's Spool Pouch
Hot's Cool Max Cap
Hot's Jig Pouch 300 and 400
Hot's Light Metal Belt Type II
Hot's Split Ring Economy Pack

Tight lines,
Saltywater Tackle.
Saltywater Tackle
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Tel: 1 718 648 2665
Fax: 1 718 648 2667

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