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Joel Grace

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Hi Guys
           This is my first post here please excuse me for any protocol  mishaps.

I am planning a trip to New Caledonia in May 2013 which is going to be a surfing/ fishing trip,  surf in the morning till around 11am then fish till dusk with maybe another surf if the conditions are good.

We did this trip last year at the same time and had a blast  check out the video on You Tube


We had some great waves and  some good fish with very little effort put in on the fishing side due to the 6 non fishermen on the trip.
I rekon with a 3 or 4 surfer/ fishermen we could have a really rewarding trip.

Stay at Ouano on the west coast great spot for world class surf and some good fishing with Ettienne and Frank who im sure many of you know already, if the conditions are good. maybe 3 days here?
Then up to Nekweta  with a few days with Manu   surf at Secrets and fish the Bouril area which is an amazing spot good GT, Tuna and some solid Mangrove jacks.
After that id love to go over to the East coast for a few days at Pondamie "i think i got that right"!  which looks pretty untouched 
Or up to the top end for some bonefish action.

Last year we did the trip including air fare for 2k Aus
i can work out prices better if there are deffinate numbers.
Me and my mate are both laid back conservation minded individuals aged around 40 and would welcome similar minded guys who are interested in nature/surfing fishing and red wine with a sharp wit and sense of irony.
the lads from last year are all abit scared of the white pointers that were jumping out of the water when we were chucking Gulps at the Tuna  "Im the Idiot in the Cowboy hat" and have not replied to my emails.

I guess this will not be a hardcore trip but one that takes in a few good spots and is open to someone who is still keen on learning more about the sport having a surf eating great food and sitting round the fire talking nonsense and looking at the unspoilt ocean and  scenery with the local guides and making some friends who do this as often as possible.
if anyone is keen drop me a line here to get the ball rolling

thanks for your time Joel