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Hi Guys!

Hope all is well and fishing's been good!
We are extremely excited to announce the arrival of our new rod blanks,
El Maestro and Race Point 150
The finished rods are due to arrive in 2-4 weeks!
The El Maestro was put into R&D two years ago and was finally given the approval for production from us this year in June.
The road to achieving the right action and power from the El Maestro was an arduous one but was succeeded when it was finally put to test in various fishing destinations and landing fishes that we never thought the rod was capable of, yes we are talking BIG GTs and Tunas!
The Race Point 150 was a little easier during the development process as we already had an idea how the rod is going be built, the same concept of the Race Point family.
Power, Cast ability and Light in weight, but even with all the experience and knowledge, we still had to go through four prototypes before the Race Point 150 was finalized.
Like its predecessors, the Race Point 150 has its own share of big fishes caught in our favourite testing grounds and the Race Point 150 presence was already known far and wide, way before we started production.

El Maestro in action! For those who knows who i am, when was the last time i had long hair
Yup, that's how long it took us to developed the El Maestro, 2 years! No kidding!!

El Maestro with a 65lb GT!

Beautiful specimen from Tanzania on the El Maestro!

Race Point 150 in action!

Sailfish on the Race Point 150!

Omani Geet on the Race Point 150!

Tight lines,
Saltywater Tackle.
Saltywater Tackle
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Nice! Sent you a pm a little earlier about the OBX blanks.