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We have just got a new shipment in from Shout. We are also happy to say that we got the 8/o Rigged Kuduko hooks in and look forward to fishing with them soon.
Stock just in:
Shout Shab Shab jigs.
Shout Slide Actor jigs.
Shout Stay jigs.
Shout Flash jigs.
Shout Sparrow jigs.
Shout Dangan spoons.
Shout Lighten jigs.
Shout Jig sleeves. Medium and Large.
Shout Expedition Bag in Black and White.
Shout Water Guard Case.
Shout Assit Case III.
Shout Kuduko Hooks.
Shout Trucker caps.

For any information on these products or if you would like prices please email me on [email protected]