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Chun Bond Ng

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Yamaba blank jigging rod
July 01, 2014, 12:44:06 AM
Good evening,

Which Yamaba blanks jigging rod (Galahad 587s, 597,5210) would you guys recommend for jigging in 80-100m water with 250-300g, but mostly 250g I m going to match with a 8000 (pe4) or 10000 (pe5)stella .
by look at the detail
597 is really light weight. Only 205g. but only can use 250g jig. it has a k guide.
587 is light weight too , but not as light as 597. it has a ocean guide.
5210 can use 300g jig. it has a ocean guide.

does anyone has any experience with those rod.

btw what is ocean guide?
Best regards,



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Re: Yamaba blank jigging rod
July 01, 2014, 09:51:12 PM
Ben for what you are trying to do I would recommended the Ripple Fisher 568. It can work up to a 300gr jig pretty easily. I believe the rod weighs 298gr.