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Ludovic Goldschmidt

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stickbait rod pe8/PE 10
December 03, 2016, 01:36:39 PM

Need new rod for fishing in new caledonia ,stickbait rod for lures between 150 G  AND MAX 180 GRS WHITHOUT HOOKS,BEST LURES ARE CARPENTER  GAMMA 160 ,ORION NAMBAS 170G OR FISHERMAN LONG PENN 140 GRS


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Peter Olesen

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Re: stickbait rod pe8/PE 10
December 05, 2016, 06:14:35 PM
Hi Ludovic

What kind of budget?

Have you tried the search function?

There will be other rods as well, but some of the ones that come to mind are:

CV79/40 (more allrounder but very capable rod for gamma 160)
TBL80/43 (if you can find one...)

Ripple Fisher:
Ultimo 79H (Think the new one is called 710H nano?)

There is an FCL Labo that fits the bill as well but I don't know the models from each other.
I think there is a HOTS rod as well. - It could be the 79H but I'm not sure.
And then there are the Racepoints. I think the RP200 and 250 would do the job.

I own the two that I mentioned first and can vouch for them. I have fished them with PE10. Just look out for the rod angles (Especially with the CV), and you should be fine. The 86/40 I tried a couple of casts and didn't like it. Too long/heavy in the tip to my liking. The other rods I haven't tried.

Good luck.

Kind regards,
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Chris Beverley

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Re: stickbait rod pe8/PE 10
December 08, 2016, 03:20:25 PM
Hi Ludo

I just purchased the FCL UCB-85 Stickbait from Fishhead and it has an excellent feel with a light tip but plenty of lifting power. It is rated from Pe6-10 and is perhaps the rod Peter was referring to. I am currently running Pe6 for local runs but will buy a new spool and load with Pe10 for a big trip.  The main reason for me purchasing this rod was its ability to work such a vast range of stick baits from 90g-180g.

I also looked at the Zenaq 83-7 but felt it was too heavy for working those stickbaits on the lighter side.

Obviously the Carpenters recommended by Peter are the go too rods for this kind of work but I thought I would throw in a couple of cheaper alternatives I have found in my searches.

Hope this helps.




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Re: stickbait rod pe8/PE 10
December 18, 2016, 10:36:57 PM

I would suggest Ripple Fisher Ultimo 710 nano, its a great rod!


Ross Smith

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Re: stickbait rod pe8/PE 10
December 28, 2016, 09:22:00 AM
I recently purchased a Zenaq 83-7 from Duncan at Fishead for my Saltiga Expedition 5500H (very happy with the service from Duncan at Fishead)
I feel it balances better with my Saltiga  Dogfight and seems to like stickbaits and poppers around 100 grm, for stick baits and poppers of a lighter weight the Zenaq 83-5 would be better l think and also more suited to the smaller  Expedition 5500H

Cheers Ross

Brandon Khoo

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Re: stickbait rod pe8/PE 10
December 28, 2016, 11:53:13 AM
IMHO, the best of the heavy stickbait rods is the Blue Lagoon 80/43. It's got a fair bit more grunt down low than the 80/40 but still has a tip that will get a surface stickbait to dance in the right hands
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