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Josh sumner

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Planning a trip to Yeppoon
February 03, 2018, 05:08:52 PM
Hey guys just curious if anyone has any
 Fishing information or contacts up around Yeppoon, Airlie beach or Hamilton island way?
 I'm new to GT fishing and am looking into catching my first one this year so am Hoping to make the trip up from Sydney and have been told these are all decent spots to try, as I have never been to any of these spots I'm just looking for any info on where to start.
I'm planning to go for a week and will be on my own and am happy to hire a boat to get around if there is a hire company around there or even head out on a charter if anyone can recommend a good company


Brandon Khoo

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Re: Planning a trip to Yeppoon
February 04, 2018, 09:31:50 AM
Josh, I think what you are planning may be a little more difficult that you might think. It is a huge area up and there and large parts of it are not that easily accessible. It is not a simple matter of hiring a boat and going out thee to catch GTs. I am nto even sure you could hire a suitable boat.  There are long travel times and distances involved, especially in that area north of Yeppoon. There are guys who fish that area regularly but they keep off the grid thinking that if everything is kept low profile, people will leave them to their own little paradise.

This type of fishing is best done with an experienced charter operator, at least initially. You could try getting in touch with Ash Matthews at Seafever or Johnny Mitchell although good luck getting a response from the latter.
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Graham Scott

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Re: Planning a trip to Yeppoon
February 12, 2018, 10:47:42 PM
The Keppels close to Yeppoon have good fish in hot weather. North towards Shoalwater bay have plenty all year around. One local operator here will take you popping, hooked on fishing. Have a look on Facebook
No hire boats locally unless maybe a bareboat.
It's a risk locking in dates from Sydney, no chance in big winds.
Best chance for Keppels probably December on big tides( small tides for shoalwater)
Pretty simple to find fish, rocky pressure points adjacent deep water.  I have actually found  Keppels more reliable than Shoalwater, almost too many choices up there. All the islands from Gladstone north have GT,s. Stanage Bay is also worth a look if you have an indestructible tinnie in tow
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