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alex frangoulis

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hi guys,

this is my first post.
I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the reefs off orpheus island.
I am heading there in a couple of weeks with two mates to chase gt's primarily and some reefies also.

If anyone has any tips or locations to start popping I would be much appreciative. I have fished around the otter reef area and know there are a few gt's in that system so anticipation is high.

cheers Alex

Mick Cunningham

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are you going to stay at lucinda area .

hey when are you going up ? cos i am going up in nov for couple of week to try new spot,s

if you do then go to the jetty and you can some popping off the jetty .
finger cross if there is any gt from the jetty but it,s a worth a shot
 but i have seen some large fingermark last time i fished there i was smoked by the mono line up  to 24kg nothing can stop them
this time i am taking my gt gear,s to stop them . maybe need more than pe6 gear is my guess .


Jordan Hack

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 Hi Alex,

I have had some red hot sessions on big oceanic queenies out around the sugar loader but am yet to hook any gts. Speaking to some local fellas from lucinda who reckon they have seen some absolute horses around the pylons. As for orpheus, i dont know but am planning a trip there in a few weeks. Maybe we should hook up and i might be able to shed some light on my secret spots in the area

alex frangoulis

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thanks for the reply. sounds like a great idea i will pm you my phone number and we can catch up. wow thats amazing that your planning on fishing the same area to myself and my mates.

it really is a small world.

cheers Alex