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GTPopping.com Terms & Conditions of Use
September 08, 2020, 11:11:48 AM
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• The objective of this forum is to promote the sport of Giant Trevally catch and release angling, focused on topwater methodologies.
• We accept that “GT Popping” is a sport. Inevitably, there will be mortality of fish on occasion. We believe that anglers are the best custodians and ambassadors of the sport and for preservation and best-practice handling processes that will ensure the conservation of many fish species into the future.
• Do not argue you alternative views to this ethos here.
• Our secondary aim is to promote the sport of topwater tuna (of all species), Yellowtail Kingfish and deep jigging which are common activities in this field of angling.

• We ask all members to exercise behaviour within socially acceptable norms.
• No personal attacks will be tolerated.
• All post must be socially acceptable for an audience that may include minors and not include any adult/poor taste material.
• Avatars that do not comply with the above standard will be removed without warning.
• Spamming and overall poor form posting (increase post count) will not be tolerated.

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• GTPopping.com welcomes anyone who has an interest in the sport. We do, however, reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member at any time without reason. All members are required to use their real names as their usernames comprising their first name and surname, for example, John Smith. If we become aware that a member is not using their real name, we reserve the right to terminate their membership.
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Sale of Items
• The forum has a classified area for the sale of items.
• To reduce spam and misuse of the forum, a contribution limit has been set before a member can progress to accessing the classifieds.
• This area is reserved for the benefit of members selling personal items of popping and jigging equipment. It is not available for selling equipment related to other forms of fishing or for commercial purposes.
• Please refer to the rules for selling items in the classifieds area. Please also note that the classified area is not intended or available for members to post about items they wish to acquire (it is not a tender mechanism). If in doubt, please contact a moderator or administrator.

• All commercial sellers will be required to enter into a sponsorship arrangement. Please contact the administrator if you are interested in entering into such an arrangement.

Other Commercial Sites
 • Please do not post links to other commercial sites or forums without first checking availability from one of our sponsors for tackle or trips. It is unfair to sponsors who have paid for the privilege when members 'hijack post' to non-sponsor sites. If we see blatant offending posts, we will remove them; depending on the post.
• Post your actual content if you have a report – linking is not beneficial to our cause here.

Reports and Photos - Posting in General and Copyrighted Material
• Please keep in mind that you are responsible for what you post.  If you are posting material that has not originated from yourself, please ensure that you are not breaching any rights or copyrights and/or have written permission. You are responsible for anything you post, not GTpopping.com.
Unrelated Subject Matter
• We reserve the right to delete and terminate any content matter which is not deemed relevant to GTpopping.com. There are many other multi-use and multi-subject forums out there for that reason.

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