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Title: Jerry Brown Solid 100#
Post by: Dave Hudson on August 06, 2011, 07:31:30 AM
Hi Guys,

Could anyone tell me how many mtrs of Jerry Brown Solid Spectra 100lb you can fit on a SOM 16000 spool?
How many mtrs of 8olb you can get on a SW10000 spool? Does the 80lb roughly equate to PE6?

Thanks Dave.
Title: Re: Jerry Brown Solid 100#
Post by: Jamie Moir on August 07, 2011, 09:53:42 AM
What does SOM quote as capacity for the 16k? Something like 300m/PE6? I think that JB 100lb solid is 0.58mm diameter, and Daiwa quote their SBB as PE6: diameter = 0.44mm

So Length1 = 300, Diameter1 = 0.44mm, Diameter2 = 0.58mm, Length2 = unknown

L1 * (pi * D1^2/4) = L2 * (pi * D2^2/4) <-- full formula?

L1 * D1^2 = L2 * D2^2                        <-- cancel out whats the same on each side

L2 = L1 * D1^2 / D2^2                         <-- rearrange for unknown

L2 = 300 * 0.44^2 / 0.58^2                        <--  add in your numbers

L2 ~ 172m (and maybe a short life for the reel!!!!)

PS: all mathematics were conducted before coffee, I reserve the right to revise results to reduce ridicule.