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Title: jigging rod - what do you look out for?
Post by: Zeck Lim on December 28, 2014, 09:49:05 PM
I was thinking yesterday, trying to escape, at least mentally, cold, gloomy and very wet Germany by thinking more tropically :)

What use is the jigging rod in your mind?

Reason why I am asking is because with the advent of thin PE lines and very strong reels, has the rod been reduced to just working the jig? I was reading through quite a few posts and I particularly enjoyed Dmitrii's posts (Dmitrii your inbox is full btw), where he was suggesting that some rods were more able to "lift" fish caught, eg the Patriot Designs rods vs others. I see his point. Ratings can become quite meaningless if rods today can bend into mind boggling U-shapes. A very light JM rod can take 15kg drag??

A jigging rod which can have better "lifting" are naturally heavier. I was looking at the PD series and each rod is around 400g for a PE4 rod. This compared to <300g for other Japanese makes. I have always been working 250g rods so I am unsure if I can underarm jig a few days using a 450g rod. I cannot work long jerk it ala Matsutani-san style for long.

There is no right nor wrong, but I would like to ask -  when you look for a jigging rod, which I am btw, should I now be asking for lightweight rods which can work the target sized jigs properly, and leave the reel to do the heavy "stopping" and "lifting" so to speak? Or does the rod still play a critical role in these aspects?

cheers all.

Delightful thoughts to distract for winter ! :)

ps. If it matters - I am fishing PE4-5, 180-250g jigs, and I prefer long rods >5'7".

Title: Re: jigging rod - what do you look out for?
Post by: Leo Sorbello on December 29, 2014, 11:53:04 AM
Hi Zeck  :),

Interesting post....I do a fair bit of jigging here in Sydney, Australia, both slow micro-jigging and deep water jigging.

Most Jigging rods and reels these days are brillant, compared to earlier years rods and reels like the mid 80's to late to mid 90's. Still hard work mind you, but I feel you can fish longer before your in that " sluggish mood ".

Most rods gear is lighter/shorter, reels are more geared stronger, with reels are built to cater specifically for jigging, eg designed handles etc. Not to mention PE lines nowadays, compared to mono back in the days.

For me nowadays, with the updated rods and reels its about choosing a rod that is nicely parabolic, light and yes it targets close to my specific jig weights. Of course with deep water say 80 mtrs plus and you may need say 300g to 500g jigs you need a rod with a little more stiffer tip, which in turn the rod would be heavier too in weight etc.

Overall, the rod does have a part to play but it needs to be balanced to jig weights for use, reel and PE line to be used and still what you can work without getting to fatigued quickly. I for one, and reckon I'm in alright condition don't fish heavier than 8 - 12 kg drag on a jig rod.

Good luck...tight lines !.



Title: Re: jigging rod - what do you look out for?
Post by: Zeck Lim on January 14, 2015, 03:51:17 PM
thanks Leo. :)

Now, to go fishing and try out different types of rods!