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Hammer Head Faube Rods
August 02, 2013, 10:26:46 PM
We have a great relationship with Hammer Head and have had some amazing results on the Hammer Head lures in the last season. But for a long time I have been wondering about the Hammer Head rods. I have not seen many of them on the water and so ordered some to try out and get into the shop. They are on the high end of the price list but when they arrived I certainly understood why. They are very well built and are built to through poppers.

The beast of the family is the 77H. This is a PE12 rod and will stop a tractor. I put this in the same class as the Carpenter Wild Violence 80XH, Tokara 60, RP 300 and Hots 77XXXH. The good part is that it is parabolic and I recon it will pop a I-Cup extremely well and be comfortable to fight a big fish.

The next is the 77M. This is a great rod mainly for the 160-180gr class poppers like the G-Cup. I think this is a good rod as an all round rod that will also throw big sticks but will mainly be for popping and will handle big fish.

The last of the rods is the 78ML. This is a lighter and slightly longer rod and will be good for the 120-160gr range poppers like E-Cup. This is an all round rod and still has a lot of power under the hood.

I look forward to trying some of these rods and think they are a great addition to our range to bolster our popping rods!


Close up of the 78ML

The family!

Built to Pop!