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aaron matsuura

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First i am going to be fishing off the beach and small cliffs, should i be looking for a taller rod (ex. 10 ft range)?? Also was wondering what Poppers and stick baits would work well here on Oahu?? Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks!!

Chun Bond Ng

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I think they dun know where is Oahu... U should tell them u ar from Hawaii....

Jon Li

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Contact Pat Victorino from Kaapa - Kauai , he should be able to tell you .

Jon .
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ed baduria

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If you Google Ulua and Hawaii, you should come up with a forum that specializes in shore casting or Whipping for GT's. I used to cast for them back in the 80's, North Point, Big Island. Brings back great memories! Back then, me and a bunch of local boys were using 9-10 ft rods in the 20-30 lbs class, but back then, those "Reef Trolls" were much bigger. From what I heard, most of the shore caught GT's are much smaller 3-7 kg. Check out that Ulua forum, I'm sure they will give you updated information. Good Luck!


Mark Gonsalves

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For the rod, I would want a 9'- 10' rod for plugging from shore or cliffs.  You will need some casting distance at most of the places on Oahu and your tip will have to extend OVER the edge of the cliffs when a fish is on.  I currently have a 7'9" Patriot Design Black Diamond........too much rod for me to plug but just right for what I am currently doing, and a 8'6" Saltiga GT plugging rod, too soft and too heavy to plug all day.  Might be hard to find the right rod but I'm sure there is one out there.  You just have to do your homework.

As far as plugs go I just use what is available at  Charley's Fishing Supply or what I can buy online.  I am a rookie at plugging from shore so these are just my opinions.  Check out Hawaii Fishing Forum to see what other shore pluggers are using in Hawaii.
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