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Title: Ripple Fisher FS GT79H nano
Post by: Stanley Yow on March 13, 2018, 07:06:13 PM
A big hello to you guys !
Got myself a RF GT79H nano, would like to ask you guys can the RF FS GT79H nano handle popper like craft bait GT3 190g and hammer head I cup or has anyone experience using it on popper in this size? From ripple fisher web page the FS GT79H nano has the stiffer tip. I know it is not easy to work popper in this size, but like to try them on my coming trip ;D

Many Thanks
Title: Re: Ripple Fisher FS GT79H nano
Post by: ryan jones on April 05, 2018, 03:58:41 PM
hey stan

I have a RF gt79r which I used in Fiji, I was throwing craftbait and fullscale 150-200grm poppers all day and it did it flawlessly, only thing I noticed was a low tip and big sweeping popps were inconsistent, in the end I had a high tip and did short popps, this seemed to get a better action, the real question is, can u handle throwing those all day?
Title: Re: Ripple Fisher FS GT79H nano
Post by: Ming Choi on April 09, 2018, 12:37:03 PM
Hi Stanley, I have the FS 79H previous model (non nano), it can do I cup but saturates, I believe the other old Final Spirit 78XH was produced to properly work I Cups and 190g craftbait big mouth version.

The 79H can work G cup perfectly and 190g normal craftbait, I was told the nano version has the same characteristics but is slightly easier on your back due to the nano fibres.

Ryan, think your rod is the Reversal, top rod but that's the lightest model of popper rod in the range. There's 3 series(Flex, Powerfight and Final Spirit) above the Reversal that will handle bigger lures and enable you to do the big sweeping action and pop those bigger lures better.