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Notice to Members on selling Items
July 09, 2009, 08:00:12 PM
Dear Members, for the most part, moderating on this forum is a very easy task and a pleasure due to the quality of our members. From time to time (thankfully rarely), it becomes necessary for us to correspond with the membership on less pleasant issues in order for us to maintain the integrity of the forum.

It has come to our notice that a very small minority of members have been offering equipment for sale by contacting other members by PM or e-mail. In isolation, we actually have no problem or objection to this. Of late, however, we have become aware of circumstances where the individuals are persisting with this conduct and are offering items at inflated prices. It is particularly grating when those items have been acquired from forum members and are being offered to other members at a profit over the purchase price.

To those of you who have been doing this, we request that you desist. Gtpopping does not exist to facilitate you trading in fishing equipment in order to make a profit. We provide a facility (free of charge) for members to trade in popping and jigging gear and all we request is that you act with integrity and respect to your fellow members by being honest with pricing.

If you wish to trade at a profit, please go to eBay. If you persist continually and we become aware of it, then please understand, your membership will be suspended.

This message is not intended for the majority of forum members who post and act as responsible members of this community. It is targeted at individuals who will know this message is intended for them.
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